Instructions for Submitting Abstracts

Abstract Submission is now closed. Please email to inquire about late submissions. 


Importance of Abstracts

Abstract submissions for workshop or poster and/or oral presentation at the 6th International Conference on Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care hosted by the Covenant Health Palliative Institute is now closed. The sixth installment of this global conference series will take place at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity on September 6-9, 2017. A limited number of abstracts have been selected for oral and workshop presentation during the program.

Abstract Categories:

The overall theme of the 2017 conference is Conversations Matter. Identifying barriers and facilitators to effective, ongoing conversations is an important focus for the research community. Evaluating the quality of programs and their constituent elements is important for the administrators, clinicians and educators.  Examining the ethical, economic and social implications of Advance Care Planning legislation, policies and procedures is important to ensuring sustained progress.

The Scientific Committee has prepared a list of categories (topics) in order to group the abstracts into various themes.  A single category should be selected, please note that accepted abstracts may be re-categorized by the scientific committee in order to shape the final program. 

  1. Setting-specific ACP (e.g., emergency/intensive care; hospital; nursing facilities; primary/outpatient care; hospice/palliative care; regional implementation across settings)
  2. Patient-specific ACP (e.g., child and adolescent patients; older persons; patients with chronic diseases; patients with oncologic diseases; patients with mental health problems; disenfranchised populations; minority groups)
  3. ACP and the health care system (e.g., public health, health policy, health economics; electronic health documentation; population health/management; regional experiences; implementation of ACP)
  4. Change management and quality improvement (e.g., system change/integration of ACP in larger health care structures; faciliation processes/faciliator role; quality issues other than facilitation; evaluation of ACP initiatives; continuity of care - transfer of plans through settings)
  5. Ethical issues
  6. Legal issues
  7. Research, theory & methodological issues (e.g., technological applications; timing of ACP; translational research)
  8. Patient proxy/representative  (e.g., supported vs. substitute decision-making)
  9. Education (e.g., communication skills required by healthcare providers)

Presentation Options

The author(s) must decide which presentation option their abstract falls under: 

A. Oral Preferred
B. Poster Preferred
C. Oral or Poster presentation
D. Workshop Preferred

Review Process

Abstracts will undergo a peer-review process. The Abstract Review Committee will assess each abstract based on its adherence to format, scientific merit, and alignment with the overall Conference themes. Authors will be contacted via email by April 28th 2017 and invited to present either a poster, a 15-30 minute oral presentation or up to a 90-minute workshop at the Conference. All selected abstracts will be made available to the Conference participants.

All oral/poster abstracts should follow the general format below.

-Background. Outline the rationale and objective(s) of the study.
-Methods.  Brief description.
-Results. Summary of the major finding of the study. For scientific abstracts, quantifications and statistical analyses (if applicable) should be included.
-Discussion/Conclusions.  Conclusion statement based on the study results. Implications for practice or policy; future directions

All workshop abstracts should contain the following information. 

-Summary of workshop (purpose, structure and length of the workshop)
-Learning Objectives
-Anticipated outcomes of the workshop
-Target audience
(what type of background should the workshop attendees have)

General Policies & Requirements for Abstract Submission

  1. Abstracts must be submitted electronically, through the online form.
  2. Abstracts must be in English, using standard abbreviation. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word when it appears for the first time.
  3. Errors, misspellings and incorrect abbreviations will not be corrected.
  4. Presentations must not exceed 350 words (excluding the heading). 
  5. An individual may submit more than one proposal. One official application form is required for each abstract.
  6. There is no fee to submit proposal(s).
  7. Edits to submitted proposals may be made up to the submission deadline. Instructions for making edits can be found on the submission form.
  8. The abstract must not have been published within in the last 6 months at an international congress before. 
  9. The abstract must not have been published with in the last 6 months in any international or national journal. 

Presentation at the Conference

  1. A limited number of presentations will be selected for oral presentation at the Conference. Please indicate on the submission form whether you are interested in being considered for an oral presentation.
  2. If an abstract is accepted for oral presentation, the presenter(s) agree(s) to register for the Conference and pay the appropriate Conference registration fee.
  3. The Conference will not cover expenses of those presenting posters, or giving an oral presentation based on an abstract submission, such as expenses for developing the poster, shipping, travel, or accommodation. Presenters who have not registered by July 5th 2017 will be removed from the conference program. 
  4. For poster presentations, the presenter will be required to stand by his/her poster(s) at specific times to answer questions during the conference. In the case of multiple authors, at least one author is required to stand by the poster at the specified times.
  5. Posters must not exceed 115 cm x 115 cm (approximately 4’ by 4’) in size but may be any dimension within these constraints. Oversize posters may not be displayed. Push pins will be provided at the Conference.

Copyright Permission

By submitting abstracts to the Conference, submitters authorize, upon acceptance, the permission to reproduce their abstract in the Conference syllabus and on the Conference website.

For more information, please contact us at or 780-436-0983.

Photo Credit: Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka Photography